Why must De La Cour stoop so low, due to Sam Fulcher and INVASIGHT’s dishonesty?


In July, 2019, De La Cour agreed to help INVASIGHT raise Seed, Series A and Series B rounds of private equity. If not for De La Cour, INVASIGHT would not have closed a CHF 4.6M Seed round nor garnered CHF 12M towards its pending Series A round in January, 2024.


INVASIGHT’s founders, Sam Fulcher and Karthiga Kumar, lacked the experience and resources to adequately raise early stage private equity, which is why Fulcher approached De La Cour in desperate need. Fulcher and Kumar were also very naive and unrealistic in assuming that INVASIGHT’s Seed round would close in six months.

INVASIGHT had a very low probability of closing a Seed round, as was later proven by hundreds of investors that showed interest, then declined to invest in the venture. Nonetheless, in the utmost of good faith, De La Cour signed an agreement with INVASIGHT and quickly implemented a remarkable global fundraising strategy. De La Cour needed six months just to prepare INVASIGHT, in order to align with investors’ investment criteria.

De La Cour assessed hundreds of the world’s premier investors before introducing INVASIGHT to them. All initial investor interaction from invasight.ch, was actually from De La Cour’s team. Most investors that De La Cour introduced INVASIGHT to, did not know about De La Cour’s background role in managing email campaigns, investor pipelines, cap tables, investor decks and other elements. De La Cour also managed and sat in on INVASIGHT’s investor calls in 2019 and 2020, before pulling back in 2021, only after Fulcher and Kumar gained deeper experience in pitching to investors.

After INVASIGHT’s Seed round closed, Fulcher breached INVASIGHT’s contract with De La Cour and refused to pay De La Cour its rightful fees and equity for said round. Based on INVASIGHT’s breach of contract, De La Cour is also due monies and equity from INVASIGHT’s Series A and Series B rounds, having a combined targeted raise, of approximately CHF 40M to CHF 50M.

De La Cour was a loyal partner that trusted Fulcher’s promises and representations, only to be defrauded by Fulcher’s premeditated scheme. A letter (below) to INVASIGHT’s law firm, explains some of Fulcher’s treachery and dishonesty. More revealing data will be forthcoming.